The best guided meditations for 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, Today I will look at some of my favorite mediations and give you my all time favorite ones based on their own individual benefits! Let’s goooo 1. Morning Are you struggling changing your bad habits, mental patterns, thoughts and emotion? The best way to change your life is by using this meditationContinue reading “The best guided meditations for 2022”

 How To Get Out Of ISOLATION

Today we will fight loneliness together and talk about the importance of relationships. Not just romantic, but in general, and some tips to help getting out of isolation, since well, making friends as adult can be kinda weird.Especially after all these lockdowns that got us scared of everyone.  “Yo, wanna grab a beer sometime? InContinue reading ” How To Get Out Of ISOLATION”

The mind-blowing scientific proofs why meditation can change your life

Hey brainiacs, Today we will talk about the scientifically backed benefits of meditation, the most popular types of meditations, which meditation to chose how to meditate and stay till the end of the video for some meditation tips!  Meditation. has many many many benefits! For the mind and the body! Let’s look at the aContinue reading “The mind-blowing scientific proofs why meditation can change your life”

The Best Books About Meditation in 2021

There are many books out there about meditation. Meditation is one of these things that you have to practice to understand. Theory alone won’t be enough. However, there some amazing books that has helped me on my meditation journey. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle This one is a classic. The first time I readContinue reading “The Best Books About Meditation in 2021”