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For any one who aims to be their best self, it is important to understand oneself. And most of us have not been taught how we function. We are driving a complex machine with no manual. Looking for affordable help is really important. I want to be my best self, and when I look at any industry, artists take classes, athletes have coaches, entrepreneurs have entire companies that help them develop their brands, their marketing and numbers. It makes sense that if I want to perform my best as a human that I need coaching too.


Their program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Since the therapy is web-based, you may access their program from throughout the world. CBT is known to be the best type of therapy for anxiety disorders as well as addictions or sleep disorder.

They are a dedicated online-based team of consultant therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, practitioners and support staff that collaboratively works to help people in need of emotional support.

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The app provides:

  • 24/7 access to emotional support. Message your therapist anytime.
  • Flexible and affordable plans. Choose a monthly plan that fits your budget and meets your needs. Cancel your plan anytime if you change your mind.
  • Provider recommendations and matching. Answer a few questions during your initial consultation to be paired with a therapist whose expertise aligns with your support needs.
  • “Guaranteed Response Time.” Your provider will reach out to you five days a week. Choose the window of time that works best for you to hear back and your provider will send a response within that time frame, guaranteed.

Panic Away

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks while shopping, driving or at work?
  • Take the ‘Rapid Relief’ audio with you wherever you tend to get anxious be it driving, flying, shopping or at work.
  • Learn how to overcome anxious feelings in seconds.
  • Feel immediate relief from anxiety and panic attacks.

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