Easy investing strategies

Hi seekers, Today we will talk about the easiest strategies to invest in your wallet!  If you haven’t watched my last video on personal finance, here is the link. I talked about how money or the lack there of, affects your mental health as well as scary numbers showing why you should start investing asContinue reading “Easy investing strategies”

Is she/he/them the ONE

Hey my sweet buns, Today’s topic is loooove, l’amour, l’amore. And how to know if you are dating the “one”, what to ask, what to not do and more to help you on your coupling journey. This is the ultimate roadmap, the stuff I wish I was taught at 16 when my first serious relationshipContinue reading “Is she/he/them the ONE”

 How To Get Out Of ISOLATION

Today we will fight loneliness together and talk about the importance of relationships. Not just romantic, but in general, and some tips to help getting out of isolation, since well, making friends as adult can be kinda weird.Especially after all these lockdowns that got us scared of everyone.  “Yo, wanna grab a beer sometime? InContinue reading ” How To Get Out Of ISOLATION”


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