About me

An award-winning multilingual actor, writer, director, producer, doodler, meditator, teacher and content creator.

Born in the cradle of the Swiss Alps, at the early age of 5 I realized I wanted to be a Youtuber. I thought to myself “Someone should create an online platform on which one could talk about science and make jokes”. Somehow the Universe heard my plea and a couple of years later, the internet was made public. True story!

I don’t have an intense coming of age story. I had a pretty “regular” childhood with… unusual parents. My dad is from Ticino (the Italian part of Switzerland), my mom from Schwyz (the German part of Switzerland) but I grew up around Lausanne (the French part of Switzerland). After a couple years in clown school (honk honk), I started acting classes at the age of 12, but I had been on stage every year since I was about 5.

I graduated high school in Psychology and Philosophy (we ain’t jokin in the Land of Swiss, yo!), then studied English and Cinema for a bit before moving to the craziest city in the world New York City. I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with a Merit Scholarship.

Besides the arts, I always had another passion: the Esoteric. I remember listening to ghost stories, or wonders that happened to the people of faith. I turned to the church after my first break up at the age of 18 but I started getting scared that the devil was after me.

That sent me on exploring other religions and system of believes such as Tibetan buddhism, Hinduism, paganism, but also geobiology, genetic, epigenetic, and quantum physics.

I always felt that spirituality held old human wisdoms. And modern science is now able to prove the benefits of certain ancient practices such as meditation. For the past 20 years, I have been on a journey to reconcile magic with logic, spirituality with science, feelings and thoughts, energy and material.

After reading, listening, researching everything I could put my hands on, I found myself filled with knowledge but still unsure what to do with it.

And now what? I decided to share my discoveries through my passion, my creativity and my unique power of turning complex subjects into simple words. I share weekly videos on my YouTube channel and on my blog, science based information and tools about mental and physical health, with a touch of humor.

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