Alternative investments for beginners

Hi Seekers,

Today we talk about alternative investments to stack up your portfolio with incomes like delicious pancakes drizzling with maple syrup!

If you haven’t seen my video about how money affects your happiness and mental health here it is. And if you haven’t seen my easy, simple investment strategies, here is the link

Now, let’s talk about those juicy dollars you wanna make. 

1. Art 

Now, a great asset to look into is Art Work. The stock market usually increases about 10% year over year, but Blue-chip art has outperformed the S&P by 250% since 2000. 

And what is great about art is that it’s crisis proof. During financial crises, the art market has not flinched. 

But I don’t have millions to invest in a Picasso.

Then check out I am not sponsored, I found this pretty cool so wants to share it because I love art and makes me feel good to invest on that asset class. 

Masterworks is kind of like a hedge fund so they take a 1.5% annually management fee and take 20% out of the sell. You keep 80%. In their platform they have a variety of art work with their expected returns. From 12 to 24 %. With this platform you have to invest a minimum 1,000$ so, not a small amount for beginners. But if you have some cash lying around 

Another good thing about this is you can say 

I own a Basquiat, so I am totally cool now!

2. Collectibles 

Another potential way to increase your wealth would be with collectibles:

  • Pokémon cards
  • Baseball cards
  • Stamps
  • Coins
  • Electronics
  • Movie posters
  • Classic cars
  • Celebrity memorabilias
  • Ukiyoe or Japanese prints
  • Comic books
  • Antiques.

I haven’t done much research on that topic, but these are another ways to diversify. 

How to find those items?

Well you can check eBay, garage sales, or go to police auctions. You can sometimes find expensive cars to a discounted price because, well, an unfortunate soul got their wealth seized by the bank. 

If you live in Japan, some museum sell actual real ukiyoe or woodblock prints, you will most likely not find an original Hokusai wave, but you can find items that have been bought by Museums which gives you an idea of their worth. 

Action figures can be fun if you are marvel fan.

For instance you can go to haslab and get limited editions of the infinity stone gauntlet or rare action figures. They put projects out and if they have enough preorders, they will produce it. 

Take my money and give me the ghostbuster proton pack already!

On Mattel creations and buy limited editions of hot wheels, Barbie dolls and more. 

However, with collectibles there are special care requirements. You don’t want them to mold or age much. You gotta pamper these bad boys. Do some due diligence and get yourself some first edition Pokémon cards like Andrei Jihk or Logan Paul. 

3. Wine

Wine can also be another fancy way to diversify.

But I ain’t got no cellar in my one bedroom apartment.

Well, check out Vinovest. You dont have to worry about taking care of the bottles. They buy and sell the products for you, and take a 2.85% – 2.25% annual fee (depending on the plan you chose) but according to their platform wine has outperformed the SP500 by a 1000% in the past 20 years. You need to invest a minimum of a $1,000.

This company also created whiskeyVest but it’s not out yet. But I think you can sign up. I am not using this platform personally but I found it interesting since I like myself some Lambrusco or Chateau Petrusse.

VINOVEST: Get 3 months of free wine storage and management with this link.

4. NFT 

We talked about blue chips of crypto like bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the previous video. Now the next level, as you may all know already, NFTs or non-fungible-tokens. 

NFts are the future of art. The future is now. They are unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. Basically a public proof of ownership. And what’s cool is that you can buy a painting and hang it in your digital meta verse, but you can also buy a flying dolorean, or other 3D model videos, songs, and more. 

Great Scott Morty!

What you want to watch out with this is that it became so popular that it’s really hard to know what will do well. 

Good to know

First you’ll have to buy etherium that you can get on SwissBorg, coinbase, Gemini or other exchanges. You may need to open a crypto wallet too. 

Start with well known series, or from a famous artist. Or check out NBA collectible moments. 

When you sign up you can get a free starter pack.  However, most of their famous players tokens are all gone and possibly too expensive already so you ll probably get low returns. But who knows how high this investment can go since real sports cards are a great asset these may do great in the future too. 

Look at, Gary Vee, Bored monkey, On1force, Tom Sachs rocket factory, World of women, Crypto strike

Buy the floor, the cheapest ones of a famous series so you have room to grow. 

Buy new projects because prices can’t go lower and has room to go up. 

-Check the community around a project because they can help it grow in value if they are active and supportive. And communications from owners on Twitter.

Follow NFT experts on twotter (gmoney, pranksy,…

-Buy project with historical significance like moon cats or punks, Original, first types of NFT 

Where to buy them?

Check out marketplaces like:

  • Open sea, one of the biggest ones.
  • Axis infinity for your own video game nft
  • NBA top shot for basketball moments 
  • Rarible another big marketplace 
  • SuperRare which is more high end stuff  

I don’t own any NFTs but since I like drawing and post my doodles on IG I may want to create some. And supporting artists is great. Museums take 50% of the sales, which seems a bit unfair to me so it’s really exciting to see that they can now sell art and reduce some costs and we’ll as program  residual income in the token so that every time it’s traded they can make money. 

5. Peer to peer 

Peer to peer lending is a way to lend money to individuals or businesses who need the money. 

There are many platforms that pair lenders and borrowers together. The big platforms have all sorts if policies to protect you and you can choose the amount of risks and returns you are willing to invest in.

Take my money, Jeremy!

Some famous platforms are:

  • Kiva
  • Prosper Funding
  • Peerform
  • Upstart.

I personally don’t use any, and I am not sure how much you can get back from this but that’s another way to invest your stimulus checks. If you got anything left and didn’t spend it all on onesies on Amazon during the lockdowns. 

6. Real estate Crowdfunding 

Did you know you can invest in real estate without having to buy a whole property by yourself? 

Tell me more, tell me more, please take my money!

Some platforms do real estate crowdfunding like the Swiss company foxstone, not eligible for anyone, only Swiss and Europeans can invest at the moment. Minimum is about 10,000 Swiss Francs and you can get about 5% return. Which isn’t much more than the stock market, but that’s just a good way to diversify and better than a 0.001% yield rate than my Japanese bank account. 

/I can’t believe those banks and I’m from the country of banks/

Similar platforms in the us would be

I talked about good ETFs in the previous video, which is like buying a basket of companies. Well there are also some real estate ETFs of you want to diversify over multiple companies, like: 

SPDR’s XLRE with a five star rating on Morningstar, a 3.04 % dividend and a 0.12% expense ratio. So that’s 2.92 yield if you deduct the expands from the yield. 

Fidelity’s FREL with a four star rating on Morningstar, a 2.93% dividend and a low 0,09% expense ration. So that’s a 2.84 yield. 

7. Your business 

Another great investment is your own business. You don’t have a business? Well, here’s a secret. You are your own product. Everyone has value. How to know yours? 

Answer these questions:

  • What are your skills?
  • What can you teach?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What can you write about?
  • What experience did you go through than could help other?
  • Do you create art that you could sell on print on demand platforms? Or Amazon merch? 

Check out my redbubble page if you want to support my artistic endeavors.

There are many steps here for how to find your niche and how to brand yourself, so if you want me to talk about this more, let me know in the comments. 

This is another way to create passive income. It’s more an investment of time and energy than money, but definitely something that everyone should do, because the future is digital. Study shows that hiring is affected by how you or your brand is presented online. So everyone should invest in that. 

Which one of these tips are you going to try out first? Let me know in the comments.


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