Why You Should Think About MONEY

Today we will talk about the many reasons why you should start thinking about money, how to learn about it, and how to change your mindset about the root of all evil!

JK the root of all evil isn’t money it’s… pikachu, look at its eyes! You can’t trust a yellow rabbit named “mouse of thunder”. You just can’t 

Why talk about money? Because money is a huuuuuge part of life and can affect how peaceful you are. It may give you resources to implement strategies to better your health or create a constant anxiety. So let’s look into how it affects us. 

Money vs happiness 

“Happiness is more important than money.”

That’s… a weird thing to say. It’s like going to the doctor and they ask: 

“Would prefer to keep your arm or my leg? We gots to cut one of them!”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness or love.”

True, but happiness and love doesn’t pay rent, either. Know I mean? Know I’m saying’? 

We need money to live. With little money we survive, with enough money we live, with lots of money we… well, there isn’t much difference after 59-75,000$ a year according to Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton. 

Well…. Actually.

A new Harvard study shows that in the previous study, millionaires were not well represented. They found that people with more than 10 million are happier…. 

Alright , let’s all become millionaires then!

They also found that self made millionaires are happier than people who inherited or married into wealth. 

There goes my plan to marry into the duck MacScrooge family…

What does that mean? I’m not saying money is more important than happiness. Money is a tool, and not knowing and understanding it will make us less efficient at using it. And not using it well may create anxiety and depression. 

Have you ever had almost zero on your account and wonder if you can pay rent that month? I have been there and it’s -not- funny!

Time vs money

“But Time is more important than money.”

Again apples and chocolate chip teslas…

Yes, according to a study, valuing your time more than the pursuit of money is linked to greater happiness, according to a research published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

But how can you spend your time thinking about how you spend your time if you have to spend your time thinking how you make money to be able to spend your time thinking about spending your time? Right? 

Basically, you can’t think about time if you have to work all the time.

Things vs experiences

Being wealthy means you can spend on experiences. 80% of people under 30 showed more happiness from experiences than material things. 

And you need money to skydive or other crazy shit people do to have cool photos on tinder.

Buying time 

Ordering food or groceries online instead of spending time in traffic jam, that’s also something you can do when you don’t have to save all your rupees to pay rent. People who buy time are 10% happier than those who don’t. 

Invest in others 

Study shows that even giving a couple dollars to someone or a cause can boosts happiness

And there I was, thinking my grandma ma was trying to make me happy by giving me 20 bucks every time I saw her, it was all an oax, it was for her own selfish reason!!

Troubling numbers

Now, if you are still not convinced that you need to reassess how you deal with money: Let’s look at some troubling numbers

Nearly half of Americans don’t have enough cash available to cover a $400 emergency. Getting fired or breaking your  leg because fall on a ditch while watching this video on your phone would /destroy you 

Millennials are starting their careers with a combined $1.52 trillion in debt. That’s so much money I can’t even comprehend it. Students coming out of college have more student loans than ever. They are spending years trying to pay them off, which means they can’t save much. 

Isn’t that s financial slavery?

Debts hurt society! the more debts a country’s citizens have, the the higher the risks of paying it back, the more bankruptcies, unemployment and the more people will need social support. And People with no money have to contribute in it. It s a vicious circle that hurts everyone.

 Also  can you really expect to get much from retirement once you get there?

Talking about retirement  

Considering the fact that most will need at least $1 million to retire (for 30 years of living), a lack of savings is a major problem.

Also 33% of American adults have $0 saved for retirement and expect social security to be their major source of income during their old days. 

Now let’s say you are thirty, and you plan to retire at 65, you will retire by 2057. But did you know that the social security administration estimated to run out of cash by 2035

What? 20 years before you retire, there won’t be any money for you!

And its not better in other countries!

I hope they will rethink retirement by then, like putting some cash in crypto? But it doesn’t seem very reliable so far! 

Another crazy number,  60% of millennials who make 100,000$ a year live paycheck to paycheck! 


Here’s something I didn’t realize until recently too. Let’s say you are able to save a bit of money over the years. Let’s assume you put 10,000 dollars in a Savings account. Now let’s imagine you find an account with decent yield like 0.5% with Marcus by Goldman Sachs or Discover. Not bad. 

But what about inflation? 2% every year. And what about taxes?

Simply put, your savings yield gives you 0.5% but inflation is about 2% every year. If your account doesn’t charge you handling fees, you are basically losing 1.5% of your money every year. 

To clarifie, inflatiron doesn’t take away money from your account, you just lose buying power. 1$ this year is worth 98 the next year and so forth.

So just saving money isn’t the solution…

Okay so now what can I do? I don’t want to be penny less crypto less homeless swag less when I retire at the age of 95. And now what? 

Finance tips 


There are many channels talking about finances and how to save money. Pay off your debts as soon as possibleC don’t spend money on daily Starbucks coffee, put money away into a retirement account, Lee your money in a high yield savings account, airbnb your house, sell your blood, kidneys or liver on the black market blah, blah, blah. 

If you want me to make a video on those Financial hacks, or about how rich people think differently about money, let me know in the comments.

In the mean time, check the best high yield accounts by nerd wallet.

For now I will tell you from the perspective of mindset what and how to change to create wealth, or put you in the right direction.

Change your mindset about money 

Ask yourself what your believes are about money. Do you have limiting believes? Do you think it’s a bad thing? Or that you can’t have it ? Are you sacred about money? And think it’s too complicated? When we are scared of something we run away from it and avoid it, if you think it bad you won’t find opportunities to get more because who wants an evil and thing in their life! Do you believe any of these things unconsciously? 

Write down your believes and then write down the opposite of the negative ones. Start thinking and saying the opposite. Catch yourself when you don’t and repeat to yourself mentally your new believes.

Just FYI money is just a tool, a currency, it has no personal objectif, it doesn’t turn anyone into Monsters. It can become a magnifying glass though. If you are generous you will be more generous, if you are a doick, you ll be more a doick. What you do with it is up to you!

Time is not equal to money. 

The more your work doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get more money. Money is unlimited. Time is limited. Working the same job your whole life won’t bring you more money. If you make a 50,000 per year but want to make 500,000/ year doing the same job. Let’s look at the number 

If you make 26$ per hour, that’s 208$ per day if you work for 8 hours. 1,040 per week, 4,160 per month 49,920/ year. 

Now if you want 500,000 per year you, 26×10, would be 260 per hour. 

-Hey boss, could I get a raise? 

-Sure thing buddy, how much? An extra .10 cent per hour? 

-How about 260 per hour?


It’s practically impossible to get to 500,000 a year doing the same job. So what can we do? Work day and night, and never sleep? That’s not an option. 


First  Set up goals. Wanna make a million a year, sure thing, write it down. Most importantly ask yourself why? Is it Freedom? Or to help someone you love? 

For me a huge driving force is that in my nearish future I want kids, and I really want to be there for them especially during the early years.

Having a strong reason to make money will give you more will power to go get it, to find opportunities and to take actions. 


Look at what actions you need to take every year, every month, every day, every hour to get closer to your goal. 

Now a major factor of how to get to your goal is: 

Time management. 

According to Rory Vaden, we don’t manage time. Time doesn’t change. It’s about managing yourself, how you make decisions and how you behave. Most people spend two and a half hour everyday on social media. An average of 20 hours a week streaming. That’s okay if that’s what you want to do. But knowing that social media and shows are manufactured to keep your attention, you may be spending more time consuming content than creating wealth. 

I have binge watched plenty of shows believe me!

There are three levels of self management in time:

First level 

Efficiency or Urgency: or how soon does a task have to be done. Do as much as you can as fast as possible. But that thinking is limited because time is limited.

Second level

Prioritize: do first what matters the most, score activities so you can reorder them based on urgency. Importance means how much does this action matter.  

Third level 

Multiply: or reorganize based on significance. How long does this matter? What is the impact of this activity. In the era of internet and online businesses this is really important. 

Now that you figure out what to do and which to do first according to priority and significance. Give yourself permission to spend more time doing one task that will multiply time in your future.  For instance, taking time to read and learn about money, about finance, about investing. You are not making money while learning but once you understand it and build a system, you start investing in your future and you will multiple your income. It’s like you are working on multiple parallel realities making money. 

Just like Hermione in the prisoner of Azkaban with her time turner

So what to do? 


Success leaves clues. Learn from people who’s done it, like Tony Robbins who had no money and has now a net worth of 500 million dollars.  

Below are a list of the best books on the topic. Or use my link to get two free books with audible. 


put your business online. Whatever it is, make sure you have a website. Make YouTube videos on whatever your business is. According to Rory Vaden, Study shows that having a brand, aka a reputation or an online presence creates trust in your skills and opinion. In fact, 63% of Americans are more likely to buy a product or a service from someone with an established online brand. What they buy and who they hire will be influenced by it. Which is why you want to make sure you establish a brand to help multiplying your income. So put yourself on YouTube, tiktok and other platforms to show your skills, teach, sell your favorite products or services. 


Automating your business. Create email threads to remind customers of your skillz. Automate answers to emails or comments. Automate paying your bills. Automate your investments on your brokerage accounts, crypto accounts and so fourth.


Okay you don’t want to do too many things at once. First or you won’t get much results in each streams of incomes. Establish a system that you can automate and then build the next one. Once you master your investment portfolio and know what to buy, diversify on the stock market with various blue chip reliable  stocks. 

Because Robinhood and Webull isn’t available everywhere, I use PASSFOLIO where you can trade for free. They also have smart portfolio option where you can chose the amount of risks, they show you what they will invest in for you. So you don’t have to do any research. You can set it up easily and they do all the work for you. 

With my link below Get up to $100.00 in free stock with my link:


Then explore crypto and other hedge against Inflation like collectibles or fine art. 

I personally use Swissborg to buy crypto’s because they have the best prices and high yields too. 

Best crypto rates and up to 20% yield on crypto savings. Get 100€ of SwissBorg while singing up with my code: https://join.swissborg.com/r/lucaIG7A

But you can also use Gemini to buy and then put them in BlockFi to get good yields. I pretty much only buy Bitcoin and etherium because these are the most reliable ones. Get 10$ of btc on BlockFi and Gemini with my links:




Create IPs, write a book, teach what you know and put it on platforms like Skillshare or Udemy.

Great platform to start making passive income. You also have thinkific, teachable, kajabi, there are many! 


Hire people to do what someone else can do (ads, designs, editing, organizing files) so you have more time to do what matters most, creating and looking for new opportunities. 

The best platform I found to delegate and get logos, scripts, videos edited and so fourth are Fiverr.com You can find really cheap and good services there. You can even get your whole YouTube channel created there to promote your services. Upwork is another great one.

Build team on Fiverr Business: First year free


Get the paperwork done on Fiverr And Co.: Sign up for free


Having only one stream of income is very precarious. If you lose your job,need to take time off, want to spend time with your family or develop your own business, it may be difficult because you cut off your sole income source. But developing other sources like investments, online businesses, real estate, intellectual properties will give yourself more possible freedom.


If you don’t think about money, and organize a structure around it you will be controlled by the fear of not having enough. 

Bah humbug!

Okay but all this seems so hard, I am not motivated to change and just want to look at videos about saving the bees on tiktok.

If that’s your case, like it was mine not too long ago, you may need to change the way you see yourself and how you make decisions. The best way to be inspired is by surrounding yourself with inspiring people, watching inspiring videos and listen to inspring podcasts. And the best way to engrave new believes in your psyche is to 

Change your mindset with meditation 

Remember those believes you looked at earlier? Now meditate, visualize and feel how it would be to live with that new mindset. 

Not sure how to? Find on my channel various guided mediations to help you rewire your brain for success. 

Meditation can help shift your patterns, getting you more inspired, excited  and thinking in a more successful way. There is science behind that. Check out this video to know more. But I can also vouch for that because I have seen a shift in my life since I started daily meditations.

Which tool will you try first?


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