YOUR PROGRAM IS LEADING YOU TO FAILURE: how to really transform your life

Hello Seekers,

Breaking news, today on the frontal lobe, you are all programmed

How do we get programmed? 


Quick recap, your thoughts and feelings become your moods, habits, patterns, personality which in turns will dictate how you live and how you lead your life. If you want to know more check out it, check out the previous post.


We are all born with or without too much trauma. Think bout it, kids are very sensitive right? So imagine what a baby must feel like when he’s pushed out from a comfy state into a cold, bright and loud world out of a … well you know how birth works, right?

If you have kids, nephews or had any interaction with young kids, you’ll see they seem to be born with a personality. That “preset” is very basic and called the temperament or prevailing mood such as sociable, impulsive and neurotic. It’s not genetic but the genes may determine how the nervous system develops which in turn affects behaviors. Makes sense?

Here is the breakdown according to Dr Erik Erikson:


-from there we develop our relationship to the world. In Infancy we learn trust and /or mistrust. If a child is well nurtured and loved the infant develops trust in his caretakers, a sens of security, and optimism. If not…” yo! Gimme that milk or I’ll cut you!”


In this stage, the child learns autonomy or shame. Well parented kids will learn self confidence. “I’m a rock star momma!”


Also called the “play age” the child is learning initiative or guilt. Through the use of play, the child learns to be part of a group, to lead and follow. If not : Guiiiilt! I can definitely relate to that…

School age 

At that stage we learn industry or inferiority. Building on top of what they have already learnt in the past; the child learns self discipline. “Roger that lieutenant, let’s drop these water bombs in 3.2.1”

If a child hasn’t had nurturing previous years, he she will feel inferior and fearful. “I know this is irrational mom, but believe me, there s a monster under my bed”


Here we learn self certainty or doubt. Getting exited for next achievements or scared of failures. At this age we looked for leadership and develop our own ideals to live by. “We don’t need no education”

Okay, is sounds like psychology is blaming everything on parents. “Tell me about your mozer”… Most parents are doing the best they can with what they know….at least that’s what I hope… with the time they had and the money they had. So you can see now how an absent parent who’s got two jobs to make ends meet wouldn’t be able to be as nurturing as a wealthy parent. Thus producing potentially partially adjusted human adults. 

Besides our  family and it’s dynamics we have for educators, teachers and classmates who affected our positively or negativity mindsets. Thinking about you 6th grade teacher Monsieur Golaz! He is definitely not reading this…

And what about random events, accidents, encounters with bullies etc. All these uncontrollable events may have shaped our current personalities. 

Now that we have a basis of how we developed into the human we are, let’s look at why we believe the lies we’ve been told. 

Mirror neurones

Twenty years ago, scientists have found mirror neurones. Good thing to know to understand yourself, but mostly, to show off at the next dinner party. “You know what they say, you break a mirror neurons you get 7 years of bad anxiety”

Mirror neurons are essential to how babies learn. They observe and repeat. Monkey see monkey do.


Feel those brainwaves???

Okay, I know I am covering a lot of stuff here but trust me it’ll all make sense. I do have a PhD in beard growth.

One way neurons communicate with each other is by electrical charges or brainwaves that you can be measured with EEG’s.

There are four categories: 


When the brain is aroused and actively engaged it generates low amplitude and the fastes of brainwaves called Beta. When you are debating with a sibling about who’s right, hiiiiiigh beta.


Alpha brainwaves are slower, and higher in amplitude waves.usual during meditative states. In that state you are less analytical and absorb information easily. 


Even slower, this is daydreaming. When you find yourself in the kitchen holding a knife wondering how you got there, what you are looking for and why the hell you are holding a butchers knife, that’s theta.


Delta brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency. /sleeping/ your brain never goes down to zero…Unless you’re dead or a zombie looking for brains to eat. 

We all go through all these types of brainwaves daily from when we wake up, to when we absent-mindlessly go to work, to when we solve a problem to when we go back to sleep. 

Find out more about brainwaves in Dr Joe Dispenza’s great book Becoming Supernatural.

Before the age of 7

Kids under the age of 7 are not yet able to function at a beta frequency, which means that they take in any information without a analyzing them. Just like a sponge. 

That’s why our childhood have such huge Influence  in our lives. If our family dynamic isn’t healthy, you soaked these interactions teaching you how you should function with others. If you have been shamed for being emotional as a kid: “boys don’t cry” ,“you are so bossy” or “you can’t even grow a beard yet you lower”. Then, you’ll integrate these statements in your psyche, creating internal tensions for just being yourself or for having emotions. Which is a totally normal thing for every to have, by the way!

If you come from a culture where guilt is part of life and spirituality then you will feel anxiety for expressing “negative emotions”, your opinion or sexuality. You apologize for being yourself.

Use of brainwaves

Brainwaves are widely know and used by ad agencies. For example, commercials that are played at night are the most powerful ones. At the end of the day, the brain gets ready to sleep. That means that we naturally go from beta to alpha. When you watch tv, you are already surfing the alpha wav. I mean have you seen kids watch Tv? Zoombiiie. Adding the tiredness and the low lights, the brain just soaks in whatever commercials wants us to believe. “Eat Burgers and you’ll turn into a sexy skinny lady”,” By a car and feel the freedoms of an empty road.”,”If you are alive you are most likely suffering from symptoms such as heart beats and lungs activity, which are directly linked with an obscure disease with a funny name like Schnitzelhozen syndrome, thanks to our drugs you may possibly be cured. side effects include: Shooting pain, numbness, A painful, permanent erection, unusual urges for cupcakes and gambling, wanting to crawl out of your skin, nails falling off, strong urge to boop your coworkers, loss of smell, sight, touch, limbs, organs. Aaaand Mild heajdaches.” You are not listening or analyzing this quick information, instead you look at the pretty picture and think: oh I may need this. I do have the symptoms. 

To change your life you have to change your personality. To change your personality you have to change how you think and how you feel. And you cannot do that with your brain. The program cannot deprogram itself. 

You have to look into the source code. Where does the code exist? In the hard disk.

If you want to change the story, you can’t change the actor you have to change the script. You can’t stop the monkey with the monkey. In other words, you have to unidentify with yourself and who you think you are, let go of the rational analytical betawaving mind that’s putting everything into a box. You have to see yourself and your life from an external point of view, you gotta surf the alpha brainwaves to change the beta frequency. Gnarly dude!

Okay Luca, I get it, and now what?  How do I change my program? How? HOW?

Okay, here it is: 

Tips to change your program


Oh ooooh I said the M word!

Okay I know meditation has a hippy dippy pika dot bikini reputation, but did you know that meditation is now recommended in hospitals all over the world?

Okay what is Meditation? Is becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings. And putting a distance to these patterns by realizing that you are not the thoughts or feelings but the canvas on which they live. You are the awareness or the consciousness of these things. As much as you are not your sens of hearing or smell, but the consciousness that is turning the vibrations into sound and electrical charges of your nervous system into textures. You are not your thoughts but the awareness that looks and listens to them. 

There are many kinds of meditations and since it would take too long to talk about all of it right now but keep your eyes peeled for my future posts in which I will get into the science of meditation.  And you can already find guided meditations on my channel.

For the purpose of this post, let’s talk about simple steps you can take to alter your program.

How to proceed

The best way to transform your program is to:

First, observe your life and look at all the things that you are frustrated at, where you want improvement, and what would make you happy. For exemple, let’ssay you want more abundance because you need more money for whatever reason. And observe your believes that come up when you think about it: “I spend more than I can afford”, “money isn’t growing on trees”, “I can’t afford the life I want”, “money is the root of all evil”. Write these down and next to them write the opposite “I make more money than I can spend”, “money is abundant”, “I can afford a walrus lifestyle” 

Second, start meditating. Sit up, breath slowly and once you are relaxed and feel you are tapping into the alpha brainwaves, think about these new statements you wrote, and imagine them as clearly as you can, Imagine them until you feel happy, grateful of that life. If you can, until tears come up. 

Third, try to remember that feeling throughout the day. And if you find yourself talking or thinking about money in a negative way, stop your self and correct yourself, redirect your thoughts and or conversation. Weather your lack money or not in your life, having negative thinking about them will enhance your anxiety and fear. Also study finds that people who believe are lucky are more apt to find opportunities such a new jobs or new opportunities. So if you keep a positive mind, you re actions and behaviors will change. And then your life will to.

Lastly, at night before you go to sleep, go through your day and look at all the moments you had a behavior or thoughts you would like to change, and rehears in your mind a similar situation but you reacting in another way. We already made a videos about the power of mental rehearsals, study finds huge improvement using that technique. Teach yourself how you would want to react and who you want to become in mental rehearsals so that next time you are speaking publicly you won’t be nervous, when you see your manager you’ll have the courage to ask for a raise, next time you are stuck in traffic you won’t curse the other drivers and just feel relaxed. 

Another quick tip, you don’t neeeeed to know where the belief comes from to change it, because if you spend too much time trying to understand why you think a certain way, the more you focus on it and the more you memorize that story and pattern. If you feel like you want to know why and where a certain habits comes from, that’s okay, but make sure you take these actions to change it. Don’t be defined by your past! Imagine yourself as the amazing human you can be and get excited about that vision! That’s the best way to change! 

Every day is an opportunity to look at your patterns and correct them to change your habits, patterns and eventually life. Dr Joe Dispenza says that to change your personal reality you have to change your personality. Einstein said the “we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”. 

Other than meditation

Besides meditations, activities such drawing, which I love to do for fun, if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of them, sports, walking in nature, cooking, any activities that can bring you joy and relaxation. “Yes, Mari Kondo”

My content is all about the knowledge and tools to gain confidence, power and happiness. Knowledge isn’t power until you do something about it! I like books but don’t always have time to sit down and read, if you re the same, get two free books on audible with this link. I would recommend Dr Joe Dispensa’s Breaking the habit of being yourself and Bruce Lipton’s The biology of belief. 


No matter what you do, try to become conscious of your mindset. Meditation is a great tool, but journaling or having meaningful conversations with a friend or a psychiatrist may hero as well. And then, making the choice to step away from the behavior, pattern or thought by replacing them with new and more positive ones. You may find it strange, or may not recognize yourself first, but any new habit feels like a new pair of chose, the more you use them, the more comfortable they will get.

Which tool will you try first to change your mindset?

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