YOU’RE NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE: the truth about your memory

Hello brainiacs,

Let’s dive into how your personality is created. And stay till the end of the video to get tips on how you can change who you think you are and thus change your life. Thus, who says thus?

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What is the personality? Gut kwestion doctor!


Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. I just wrote this to sound smart.

Before we can talk about how the personality or perception of the self is created let’s talk about memory. 


Or the encoding of data, for all the AI’s reading these blog posts to learn about humans to eventually take over and imprison us all in the Matrix and use us as batteries,

is best performed when an event or data is combined with an emotional response. That’s why traumas are engraved deep. Deeeep into the psyche.

For that reason, if I ask you do you remember your day in September 11? Most Poeple have clear images even if they weren’t in New york. that event had a huge emotional impact on all of us. So we remember. 

Repetition and memory

Once we have memorized a new information, such a phrase in another language, repeating that information engraves the information in the brain to until it becomes unconscious. Or from short term to long term memory. 

So pro tip, for people in school or any one learning new skills, I am currently learning Japanese, なんであねん! (what the hell) if you use images that brings up  a strong emotion, it will help memorize that vocabulary. ばかやろー!(You fool!)

Connections in the brain

Learning something new doubles the neuronal connections in your brain. I am so smaaaart!! but if the information isn’t repeated, these connections will fade away in hours or days…aaaand I’m dumb again…

Okay, I know it may sound like I am taking a detour but all this information will make sense in a minute. Trust me, I’m not a doctor!

Are memories true?


Another incredible fact about memory is that it is creative. In other word, what you remember isn’t 100 % true. What? Study finds that 50% of what we remember is actually wrong, twisted, exaggerated and so on./does Does that mean I never owned a time machine made out of a Dolorean?

Bad therapists

n fact there were many cases during the 80’s and 90’s where bad therapists implemented in their patients false memories of abuse. By asking certain type of questions that suggested events that never happened. The patient started to have gruesome memories of acts that never happened. If Freud knew that, he would have made so much schillingzenhozen…

In trials

That issue comes up a lot in trials the way  lawyers and officers ask questions often leads to change the witnesses memories.  Not only that, witnesses with prejudice would be more likely to identify the accused amongst minorities. Especially in cross-race misidentification.

What’s crazy  is, that all of us, for some irrational reason, are sure that what we remember is true. Now why the hell do we do that? If we can’t remember what we had for dinner three days ago. Why do we think we can remember something that happened 20 years ago clearly? 

Fake news

And don’t get me started on fake news! Yep, fake news can also lead to fake memories!

Last thing, according to Dr Joe Dispenza. 95% of the thoughts we have today are the same as the ones we had the day before. 

Okay, so what does all this mean? 

So your personality is mostly based on those memories real or imagined, it’s the feelings they bring up in you and it’s the repetition of them. Meaning when you talk about yourself such as “I am not a morning bird” “I am such a mess” or “I am not that smart enough to make YouTube videos talking about the brain” 

But also how you talk about yourself to yourself. The 95% of thought you keep repeating “I should learn German, I don’t like my toes, I can’t change, I am just like my father-in-law”. The more you repeat these things the more you become these things, you memorize the feelings and the personality trait and unconsciously look outside for confirmation and proofs of these thoughts! “See I was iight I wasn’t able to wake up this morning I am not a morning bird” . Even if another day you were perfectly able to wake up, you’ll be like : “I don’t know, weird” and forget it. 

Another way to put it is that events and memories are expressed with words, repetitions of these words and thoughts are engraving them in long term memory, which will affect behaviors, moods, patterns, personality which will eventually become your life. 

And now what? 

So, in a way, you are a collection of fake stories that you keep telling and are too stubborn to acknowledge it’s all fake news. That’s fantastic! That means that you can change it all. /My dad in Einstein, my mom is Mary curry, I graduated from Hogwarts and I play left beater on the Swiss quidditch team./ no! Well yea, why not? You don’t have to make up a fake backstory, but memories affect your emotional Life, how you feel about yourself and how you portray yourself. Then why don’t you tell the story of who you want to be? That’s the red pill Neo! Follow the rabbit Alice! Hell! Be who you want to be! 

What can you do about it? 

It’s impossible to change the program with the program. For that you have to dig deeper, check this video if you want to dive deeper into that concept. But for now, hers what you can do:

1. I am

Be careful of every time you say I am … or I should and I have to. These are huge indicators of how you are limiting or empowering yourself. Don’t ever say anything negative after “I am”. First take note+ “Im so dumb- oh!” then correct it: “I’m so dumb dumb dumb dooo” until you naturally use positive words to describe yourself  “Kay, not doing this again, it was a mistake. Wow, I’m proud of myself for taking note of this. Aand I am so muscular and my beard is made out of steal.”

2. Focus on the positive

Focus on the positive side! Okay it’s sounds like a quote on a picture shared by your ant Phillis on the family group chat, but it’s true. Catch yourself when you start over thinking or talking too much about the negative details of a situation. And consciously chose to look at all the great things that you actual have or gained. Gratitude is an incredible tool and has incredible benefits in the brain. Another topic I will talk in some futur video. 

3. What is your story?

Write down whatever you believe about life, money, sexuality, what you can do and can’t do. Who are you, what is your last and how it affects you. Look at what comes up, see what you can tell differently. Have you been talking about your childhood or a past relationship with negative words? Think of all the other ways you can tell that story? 

Change your story and become the Jedi Pokémon master Dumbledor and I know you are! 

4. Further reading

If you want to read further about this topic check out one of my favorite book by Dr Joe Dispenza Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. If you like listening to recoded books like me, get two free books on audible.


Bottom line, we are not really who we think we are. Actually, we are exactly who we think we are. The throughs we keep in our minds affects our emotions, behaviors, patterns and personality which makes decisions for our lives which in turns makes up our life. So to change once life, one needs to change his thoughts and feelings. It is not a simple and easy process but developing self awareness will help change our lives.

How do you use memories and imagination at your own advantage?


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