Welcome to my new website!

I created this website and my videos on YouTube to add as much value, information and links to discounted tools to help the people of the world on their mental health journey. So here is my question for you:

How can I add value in your life? What service or product can I bring you to solve a problem? 

I am a multilingual actor and have over 20 years of experience in front and behind the camera, on stage and behind a mic. I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with a Merit Scholarship. It was a crazy move from the country side of Switzerland. Some of my credits include:

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Geico commercial (history channel) 

The Fighter and the Kid (FOX)

As a content creator, I produced, wrote, directed many award winning projects such as:

Stereotyoed (now available on Amazon Prime)

A Swiss in the US (for the Swiss national channel)  

-Social media manager for Inspiring Culture and Vital Smarts Switzerland.

-My YouTube channel dedicated to mental and physical health based on neuroscience.  With a drop of comedy to make the information more fun! 

I am also a doodler person doodlist? I have sold some of my art on print on demand websites such as redbubble

I am also a language lover. I speak fluent French, English, Italian, some German and Spanish and am currently learning Japanese. 

If I can add any value to your life with the use of any of these skills, send me a message, comment on one of my videos, or hit me up on the old instagram!


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